Employers are facing the growing challenge of finding a skilled and diverse workforce to fill open positions – especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics [STEM]. There are more job openings than unemployed people in the United States.

Introduction to Careers in Healthcare

Today’s growth in healthcare has increased the demand for a skilled and talented workforce. This course introduces students to various careers in the healthcare industry, ranging from radiology technologists careers to nursing careers. Students will learn about the skills, education and credentials they need to be successful.

Soft Skills for Success

Professionals need more than the technical knowledge they learn in school to be successful in the workforce. In this course, students will learn how soft skills can help them make decisions, navigate careers, and interact effectively with others. Our soft skills course reviews: communication and presentation, critical thinking, and team-work, to name a few

Introduction to Careers in Business Administration

Business is an integral part of our global economy. However, how many of us know what it takes to keep a company running? This course introduces students to careers in business administration and explores the various team roles and department functions in an organization.

Introduction to Careers in Education

The Education industry continues to evolve and so does the need for skilled workers to match this evolution. This course introduces students to various career pathways in education. From EdTech careers to Post Secondary careers, students are equipped with the skills, education and credentials they need to enter the education industry.